Mr. Jagger Joins the Team

A good conversation with a Doctor when you have a horrible condition is one where he says: “You are in the best possible state at the moment.”
Five days into radio and chemo, and that’s what Dr Silverman at NYU said to me today. He showed me images of my brain and the area where the tumor was. The surgery I had was pretty much a total resection of the tumor. Latest MRIs show no growth. The two hours in donut machines last week were worth it.
I haven’t experienced any side effects as yet. But I’m under no illusions – exhaustion and nausea and all sorts of unspeakable things that require much time in the bathroom – are more than likely to hit mid-way through treatment.
I’m home now, sitting at the kitchen table while friends and family cook up another amazing feast, feeling happy. Today’s meeting was just so good, coming after a weekend when I was down. I’d entered into the online patient support community, and came away feeling it should have its own health warning attached.
We are still waiting for the funding for the immunotherapy, hoping to have a first infusion end of this week or early next.
And now there’s another treatment to add in. This would start after radiotherapy, and creates electric fields that slow and stop cancer cells from dividing. A trial to see if this is effective for people newly diagnosed with the kind of brain tumor I have was stopped at the end of last year because the results were so good. It will take 9 months and require a lot of hats, headscarves, wigs, but I’ll be able to live normally.
Today I chose to burn through Gimme Shelter as my men – Chris and Shmidt – zapped those outrageous invaders. It’s just a shot away… but a much bigger shot at the moment than it might have been.

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