Decision Time

Today I decided to go with Dr Iwamoto at Columbia, and treatment starts on Tuesday next week. I’ve been quiet on this site because me and Ed have been working round the clock since I last wrote, trying to figure out which treatment option and which Doctor to go with. It’s been a record-breaking, rapid and vertical learning line in highly complex medical, moral and wtf learning. We’ve gone with Dr Iwamoto because he has suggested adding in an immunotherapy treatment alongside radiotherapy and chemotherapy from the start. It’s the drug that’s behind the turnaround success treatment for people with melanoma. This is really early days for doing this for what I have, and there is not one bit of data to indicate whether it will work. But there’s enough medical rationale from people far above my intelligence grade, plus basic logic  (fight aggressive cancer with aggression; hit the cells when they’re dazed after surgery; adding in another agent might help). But thanks to our tentacles of connections, combined PR/media tenacity, and over-riding hunger to do our utmost to wash this mass right out of my head (as the song really should go), I’m confident in the decision we’ve made.
In other headlines… I tested positively for a gene that is proven to improve outcomes with the chemo. Small but important yay. And I spent the best part of two hours in various donut machines having MRIs on Monday – where is my MRI survivor Oscar??
Tomorrow I swear I will sort the calendar and organize all the fabulous and extraordinary and literally heart-warming offers of help. But now, the lure of Netflix is calling yet again…. Thank you my fabulous friends, and more soon. xxx

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